Effective & Easy-to-do Tips for Saving Time For Gaming

Teenage Boy Playing Video Game And Talking On Mobile PhonePeople are usually quite occupied in their busy lifestyle and daily routines. Sparing out some time for themselves like pursuing hobbies or playing games is a thing which is almost next to impossible. Getting involved in some leisure activities is a must to not only have a healthy lifestyle but also to gain some natural exposure or enjoyment. People often claim of being short of time but they forget that an ideal person knows the knack of managing the time effectively. In order to play your favorite games, you need to take out some time by planning effectively. Here are some time saving tips that will prove to be of immense benefit to you.

  • Go for a Lawn Helper

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Best PC Games of 2017 You Can Play Today

gamingAccording to a study by the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, people around the world spend more than three billion hours every week playing video games. Personally, I always take time off the towing service to play games. Games can be more fun when people get the chance to act be like their ideal self. 2017 is a year that has seen a lot of games popping up. The first half of 2017 has been bountiful, with games of the year contenders spreading across various genres.

A lot of these games are good, while others are not as good enough as gamers expected them to be. Let us pay a closer look at some of these games that have attracted the highest review scores this year. Continue reading

The Best Sports video games of 2015

Couple playing video gamesSports games have become increasingly popular among game enthusiasts from all parts of the world. They include all types of sports — football, basketball, tennis, baseball, golf, to mention a few. 2015 is filled with exciting titles, making it difficult to pick the best game that matches your taste and desire. In this article we will take a look at some of the best sports games that you don’t want to miss this year.

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Best RPG Video Games of 2015

Father And Son Playing Computer Game On Sofa At HomeRole playing games are one of most popular video games and have been around for a long time. Many people are obsessed with these games and often spend hours playing them. New RPG games are introduced every year which makes this a great option for people who like playing video games as they have so much to choose from. In this article we will discuss some of the most popular RPG video games of 2015 and what makes them stand out compared to other games.

Here are the best RPG video games of 2015:

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Game Review: Bloodborne!

Bloodborne on Wikipedia
Bloodborne on Wikipedia

Since its launch in 2013, one of the biggest criticisms that has been directed towards the Playstation 4 has been its lack of exclusive games. Initially, there was some truth behind this criticism. However, as the months have passed by, more and more high quality exclusives have been released onto the market including the eagerly awaited role-playing action game, Bloodborne. Bloodborne has been available to buy since March 2015 and has been the subject of much discussion within the gaming community. To find out how good this blockbuster PS4 exclusive is, read on below as we take a close look at each individual element of the game and how it all comes together.

A Challenging Masterpiece

A frustration of many veteran gamers is that most games in recent years are somewhat dumbed down, without enough challenges and variation to the gameplay. Bloodborne differs hugely by providing a gameplay experience that is highly challenging and, at times, downright difficult. Bloodborne is not the type of game where you effortless progress from one level to the next without ever dying or having to replay a section. The difficulty level may be somewhat surprising for gamers used to the seamless progression of most modern gaming titles. However, this style of gameplay is incredibly rewarding and makes you feel like you’ve genuinely achieved something worthwhile when you make it to the next stage of the game. The gameplay mechanics are reminiscent of the style of Dark Souls and Demon Souls, which has been met with much acclaim in since their releases.

Immense Graphical and Auditory Experience

Bloodborne achieves what Sony hoped each of the newly released PS4 exclusives would manage to by creating an overall experience of graphical excellence, sound quality and seamless fluidity, which could not possibly be recreated on a previous generation machine. It is truly stunning and almost needs to be seen to believed. It’s the combination of the little graphical details, such as the glistening of the water and the detailed textures of the environments, which allow yourself to completely immerse yourself in the world offered by Bloodborne. In the previous generations of consoles, there would be slight “breaks” in the experience that would break the immersion, such as framerate slowdown or glitches in textures. The development team of Bloodborne have harnessed the immense power of the Playstation 4 to make it utterly immersive in exactly the way all gamers want games to be!

Watch The Bloodborne Trailer Here:

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The Return of the Super Mario Series: Super Mario Maker Review

Super Mario Maker on Amazon
Super Mario Maker on Amazon

A Nintendo Enterprises creation, Super Mario Maker, is set to be released in September this year for the Wii U gaming console. The game, which more or less a convergence of the previous Mario franchise, is going to feature the usual side-scroller platformer we’ve seen in the past Super Mario series. The only difference is that this time round, users can create and play their own levels. So, generally speaking, we’re looking at a ‘game creation’ video game which revolves around a multi-level editor.

Playing mode and gaming experience.

If you’ve tried your hand at some of the previous Mario generations, then this year’s genesis is likely to be a reminiscence of all the four of them wrapped up in one formidable level editor. Most of the visuals have been derived from all the four Marios: Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Brothers.

Once again, the idea here is that you can create your own levels (from the four series mentioned above) using the Wii U gamepad and stylus. You can then share these with your online buddies, and play theirs too. Now remember that the Super Mario Maker will be released exclusively for the Wii U video game consoles, so might want to get yourself one before 10th September 2015.

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Game Review: Star Wars: Battlefront

What is Star Wars Battlefront?

Star Wars Battlefront on Wikipedia
Star Wars Battlefront on Wikipedia

Star Wars Battlefront is basically a series of 1st and 3rd person shooter video game that is based on Star Wars films which were created by George Lucas. They were initially published by the LucasArts company starting from 2004, although the EA DICE company took over the Star Wars franchise following Walt Disney’s acquisition of LucasArts.

In the year 2005, Pandemic developed the sequel, Star Wars Battlefront II which was very commercially successful. These games were later followed by the Star Wars; Battlefront Renegade Squadron (in the year 2007), the Star Wars; Battlefront Elite Squadron (in the year 2009) for the handheld consoles, and the Star Wars; Battlefront Mobile Squadron for the mobile devices.

The LucasArts company made a number of attempts to try to get a 3rd major Star Wars Battlefront video game off ground before the Walt Disney purchase. Subsequently, the EA Dice company acquired license to develop the new game, Star Wars; Battlefront which is to be released on November 17th 2015.

The video game’s teaser showed 1st person view of Battle of Hoth including a crashing the Snow speeder, and foot of an AT AT. The game is basically a reboot of the video game series which focuses on capturing the feel and look of the Star Wars films.


The players in the game take roles of soldiers in one of the 2 opposing armies which are in different periods of time in Star Wars universe. The Star Wars Battlefront game lets the players live out a wide array of many heroic moments, and intense wildly thrilling battle fantasies of their very own; riding snow speeders and speeder bikes, firing blasters, commanding AT ATs and piloting the TIE fighters and Millennium Falcon.

The battles take place on iconic planets of Star Wars universe including Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and a previously unexplored planet known as Sullust. The gamers can play the game as memorable characters from original Star Wars trilogy like Boba Fett or Darth Vader. Star Wars Battlefront game features an array of modes which have been tailored for various types of battles from larger 40 person competitive multiplayer, to crafted missions which are played solo or with a partner through split screen offline or cooperatively online.

Watch The Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer Here:

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Review!

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain on Wikipedia
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain on Wikipedia

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is the latest release in the famous gaming series designed by the legendary game designer, Hideo Kojima. Expectations for the game have been sky-high ever since it was first announced back in 2012 with a trailer that attracted millions of views in a short space of time. The key question is, does it MGS 5: The Phantom Pain live up to these expectations and does it manage to successfully take the ultra-popular stealth series into the next generation of gaming as many hoped it would? Read on below for the definitive answer!

A More Open World Metal Gear Experience

Many of the previous Metal Gear Solid releases have had gameplay which is quite linear, albeit fantastic. In this regard, Kojima and has team have moved The Phantom Pain in a different direction with far larger maps and a more open gaming world than has ever been seen before in a MGS game. That’s not to say that they’ve turned the game into something like Skyrim as there’s still a clear structure to the gameplay. However, compared with previous iterations of Metal Gear Solid be prepared to be blown away by the sheer scale of the environments.

Staggeringly Good Graphics

When Metal Gear Solid was launched on the PS3 back in 2008, people could clearly see that this was a next generation title that displayed a range of graphical features with a fluidity that would not have been possible on the PS2 or Gamecube. The Phantom Pain delivers a similarly astounding next generation graphical experience with one small caveat: you need to be playing it on the PS4, Xbox One or a suitably powerful gaming PC to see the game in this light.

To maximise profits and reach as wide a fan base as possible, Kojima Productions have also chosen to release MGS 5: The Phantom Pain on the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Graphically, the versions on the old hardware look pretty good, however they can’t come close to the truly stunning lighting, shadows and textures offered on the next generation machines.

 Video Trailer Available Here:

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Game Review: The Witcher 3

the witcher 3RPG games keep getting better and better, and The Witcher 3 definitely falls into this category.

It will take you on an amazing quest through unexplored worlds, except it’s special because of the fact it doesn’t fall into the traditional RPG trap of trying to be the same as everyone else.

There will be no more messing around with monsters you can handle with ease before you get into the thick of the action, and you’ll be able to jump straight into the wonderful storyline from the start.

Let’s take a look at why it’s vital you add The Witcher 3 to your collection, even if you’ve never had the chance to experience witching in the previous games.

An Enormous Land Ready For You To Explore

Before we talk about anything else, it’s worth noting the area in which you’re able to explore is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

At over 50 square miles of land and sea waiting to be discovered, you’ll be able to spend a lifetime experiencing all the quests, treasures, and places of power the game has to offer.

If that sounds a little overwhelming, and it shouldn’t, you needn’t worry. They’ve built in an easy-to-use fast travel system so you can move between areas quickly on your quest.

Check Out The Trailer Here:

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Game Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III on Amazon
Call of Duty: Black Ops III on Amazon

Developed by Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a first person shooter game that is officially expected to be released on November 6, 2015. The video game is published by Activision and today, there is a version of the game available in beta and this will be highlighted later in this article. This game is part of a sequel to the 2012 game called Black Ops II. In November 2015, the game will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Plot of the game

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has taken gaming to a higher level. With the futuristic setting of 2065, it marks forty years since the sequel setting of Black Ops II. To say the least, technology has greatly advanced. At this point, Air defense campaigns have the power to cancel each other out. In light of this, warfare between countries has become complex and is undertaken by covert operatives hiding and fighting right behind enemy lines. Science and technology has taken over and a lot of changes on human beings have been done.

What scientists consider progress is receiving great opposition from society; which is protesting the dehumanization of the world. In particular, military technology has changed the face of warfare and robotics have become the main feature in the battlefield. Super-soldiers have been developed to take up operations and in this regard, humans are no longer flesh and blood but a good portion of machine as well. In a way, there is a robotic takeover in warfare making the rules change significantly as the world struggles to embrace this evolution.

The game follows the story of a team of black ops or super-soldiers just like in the previous Black Ops series. Their super-soldier capabilities are even more fascinating and the possibilities are mind blowing to say the least.

Watch The Call of Duty Blacke OPS III Video Trailer Here:

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