Game Review: Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 on Amazon
Rock Band 4 on Amazon

Rock Band 4, the new music video game created by Harmonix, has broken new ground in the music gaming industry. As the fourth installment in the franchise, Rock Band 4 will be released on October 6, 2015, for Xbox One and Playstation 4.

The gameplay of this latest game from Harmonix is meant to help you “Start a band & rock the world”. Rock Band 4 allows you to simulate the playing of various musical instruments across different decades, enjoying playing at famous instruments such as bass guitar, drums, lead guitar, and the list goes on.

Rock Band 4 has came with something different than previous releases. The single fact that your audience in the game keeps coming for more and real life gamers keep pre-ordering this game means that Harmonix has done a marvelous job at putting together a game that keeps the party going.

This game which has not been released yet is not just about pressing some buttons. Each instrument has been carefully tuned to enable you to express yourself the way you love, helping you to be rewarded for your individual, unique skills. Rock Band 4 is not just about sticking to the lines or the colors, but about adding your own flavor to each song.

As Harmonix keeps telling its fans, this upcoming release is not just about creating a standard game with scores and targets, but about designing a fun experience that can be enjoyed by boys and girls, men and women of all ages. At the end of each song, you receive suggestions for the next track from the Ai crowd. This single aspect of the game keeps the fantasy alive, enabling you to have the time of your life feeling appreciated on the live scene. The guys from Harmonix have definitely succeeded to accomplish the things they are best at, which are making you feel like playing in front of a real audience and experiencing the thrill every artist gets to feel from time to time.

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There is plenty room for imagination and interpretation in this game. Rock Band 4 aims to give you a similar experience to Guitar Hero Live, another alike game that strives to offer you a close-to-reality guitar experience. The freedom Rock Band 4 offers you is exceptional. While the vocals allow you to freestyle as much as you want, you get to play to the same four instruments – guitar, bass, vocals and drums. You get to choose from four levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to expert.

If you are more of a charismatic artist, Rock Band 4 will reward you even more. But we’ll let you find out the amazing rewards waiting for you. Probably the only drawback of this game is that you can score high even if you sing worse. That’s something Harmonix and co-publisher Mad Catz might want to solve as quick as possible.


Rock Band 4 offers a unique experience, similar to the well-famed Guitar Hero Live. Hopefully, this game will become successful, and will not just become the new rehash of the previous disappointing experience, Rock Band 3.

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