Game Review: Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live on Amazon
Guitar Hero Live on Amazon

Guitar Hero Live is the newest game from FreeStyleGames (Dj Hero), being an icon in the digital musical games industry. FreeStyleGames have broken new ground once again by launching the third version of the original Guitar Hero released back in 2005.

The Guitar Hero series was first published in 2005. Players from all over the world could use their favorite guitar to simulate playing bass-guitar, lead and rhythm guitar. Guitar Hero live, the latest game in the series released in April 2015 by Activision, keeps the fundamentals of the classics.

Even though the weight and basic shape of the guitar is similar, the classic five finger button has been irreversibly replaced with six buttons, three white and three black buttons.

While the stream of notes is quite familiar to all avid gamers, the cleanliness of the display is somehow new. The old neon explosions which appear when your score goes up coupled with the multicolored meter announcing that you can use the “Hero Power” are completely gone. Gone are also all the cartoon elements which spiced up the previous versions of the game. Instead of them, you will notice cleaner visuals. What’s new to this game is the crowd – a live bunch of people staring at you, cheering and waiting for your performance. The old, boring crowd has morphed into a lively one, cheerful and quite happy.

What The Video Trailer:

Guitar Hero Live looks totally different than previous versions. Obviously, the most striking feature of this new game is the filmed footage. Each song is performed on stage, in front of a different crowd. You are no longer in the crowd, watching the band perform. Instead, you are part of the band. The reaction of your band and the feedback of your audience changes according to how well you are performing. Needless to say, if you are already a pro, the crowd will go wild, with the overall performance becoming more and more euphoric. On the other hand, if you suck, you might have to face taunting smiles and disappointed fans.

Overall, Guitar Hero Live does not only mean rock music. Instead, if offers a wider experience, similar to a music festival where folk and rock usually go hand in hand with pop, country or even hip hop. Some of the artists already confirmed include big names like Fall Out Boys, The Rolling Stones, Skrillex, The War on Drugs and Green Day. The guys from FreeStyleGames promise to add tracks and videos constantly, so this game will keep you aroused the whole night.

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