What’s the Best Gaming System?

Couple playing video gamesOver the years, video games have become one of society’s favorite past time– this holds true especially for young adults. That’s why playing video games have even been considered as a “sport” in its own right, and was branded as “Esports.”

Today, we’re going to give you the best gaming systems of 2015! Read on to see if your favorite console is included in our top 3 list.

1) PlayStation 4

As of the moment, the PlayStation 4 is the eighth video game console generation and Sony has been pretty much active for four of them. That being said, the PlayStation of Sony has already been in its fourth version (excluding Sony PSP and Vista). Wherein, the PS4 is facing off against the Microsoft Xbox One. It’s a gaming system that’s more powerful than its older versions and it’s packed with a number of unique features that has never been seen before. For one, the completely redesigned DualShock4 controller is the most noticeable changes it had. Unfortunately, despite its remarkable features, it also has some flaws, such as the absence of backward compatibility. Gamers will have to stick with their old system if they want to play the older games, because they’re not compatible with this new system.


– Compact design that’s attractive at the same time.
– The DualShock 4 of the PS4 is comparatively better than the DualShock3 or Sixaxis other versions had.
– It’s great for streaming support.
– A wide range of added features.


– Most features of this gaming system call for a PlayStation Network connection before you can access them.
– A PS Plus subscription is needed in order to access the non-free-to-play multiplayer option it has.
– The DualShock4 lightbar is impossible to turn off.

Bottom Line:

– After seven long years, the PlayStation has been fully redesigned. The look is fresh, it has an all-new interface, a set of unique features, and a more comfortable and user friendly controller

2) Xbox One

Microsoft had huge expectations with their Xbox One gaming system. Instead of creating a gaming system that’s a ‘beefed up’ version of the Xbox 360, they built a comprehensive media hub instead. However, this approach requires the user to have a constant Internet connection and the Kinect camera on the Xbox one should always be on.

Aside from that, it also costs more than the PS4, but this didn’t make the gamers prefer it less. In fact, its prestige has attracted the gamers to try this system even more and see what it has to offer.

Microsoft also released a version of the Xbox One without the Kinect feature and the Xbox Live policy has been slightly modified. Now, users can access streaming media services even if they don’t have a Gold subscription.

Pros:Father And Son Playing Computer Game On Sofa At Home

– The voice controls of the Xbox one are very remarkable.
– It has a OneGuide and TV integration that seem to be flawless.
– It has other features, such as facial recognition, Skype, and the like.


– It doesn’t have legacy game options nor backward compatibility.
– Unfortunately, the facial recognition and voice controls aren’t available in their Kinect-less version.
– The gesture controls of Xbox one don’t work consistently,
– Some gamers claim that the DualShock4 of PS4 has a better controller.

Bottom Line:

– Not only did Microsoft made a new gaming system with Xbox one, they also made a home-entertainment hub and comprehensive gaming that can be controlled using your voice. However, considering the fact that Xbox One’s remarkable features, gamers should be prepared to spend more, but at the end of the day, there’s a huge assurance that it’s money well spent.

3) Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was the indication that Microsoft is now ready to enter the console-gaming generation. It’s a hulk of a system that beat both Sony and Nintendo with just a single punch. Likewise, despite the fact that there were millions of Xboxes sold before, the Xbox 360 line has been described as the best gaming console so far.

It’s a reliable gaming system that offers a great gaming experience as well as multimedia experience. Aside from that, even though the next generation of gaming systems is available, the 360 still offers the most media apps and a number of high-quality games. That’s what sets it apart from other gaming systems available in the market.

Pros:Teenage Boy Playing Video Game And Talking On Mobile Phone

– It’s more compact than the older versions of Xbox.
– Integrated 802.11n WiFi.
– It has a powerful 3D graphics that most gamers will definitely love!
– Excellent and wide selection of games.
– Robust online community.


– Due to the fact that the casing is quite glossy, it easily attracts smudges and fingerprints.
– Even though it’s smaller in size, the power supply is still bulky.
– Lacks Blu-Ray.

Bottom Line:

– It’s a solid-gaming system that provides an entertainment experience and eye-catching design. Likewise, the internal 802.11n Wi-Fi and the large storage capacity make it one of the best gaming systems available.

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