Game Review: Star Wars: Battlefront

What is Star Wars Battlefront?

Star Wars Battlefront on Wikipedia
Star Wars Battlefront on Wikipedia

Star Wars Battlefront is basically a series of 1st and 3rd person shooter video game that is based on Star Wars films which were created by George Lucas. They were initially published by the LucasArts company starting from 2004, although the EA DICE company took over the Star Wars franchise following Walt Disney’s acquisition of LucasArts.

In the year 2005, Pandemic developed the sequel, Star Wars Battlefront II which was very commercially successful. These games were later followed by the Star Wars; Battlefront Renegade Squadron (in the year 2007), the Star Wars; Battlefront Elite Squadron (in the year 2009) for the handheld consoles, and the Star Wars; Battlefront Mobile Squadron for the mobile devices.

The LucasArts company made a number of attempts to try to get a 3rd major Star Wars Battlefront video game off ground before the Walt Disney purchase. Subsequently, the EA Dice company acquired license to develop the new game, Star Wars; Battlefront which is to be released on November 17th 2015.

The video game’s teaser showed 1st person view of Battle of Hoth including a crashing the Snow speeder, and foot of an AT AT. The game is basically a reboot of the video game series which focuses on capturing the feel and look of the Star Wars films.


The players in the game take roles of soldiers in one of the 2 opposing armies which are in different periods of time in Star Wars universe. The Star Wars Battlefront game lets the players live out a wide array of many heroic moments, and intense wildly thrilling battle fantasies of their very own; riding snow speeders and speeder bikes, firing blasters, commanding AT ATs and piloting the TIE fighters and Millennium Falcon.

The battles take place on iconic planets of Star Wars universe including Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and a previously unexplored planet known as Sullust. The gamers can play the game as memorable characters from original Star Wars trilogy like Boba Fett or Darth Vader. Star Wars Battlefront game features an array of modes which have been tailored for various types of battles from larger 40 person competitive multiplayer, to crafted missions which are played solo or with a partner through split screen offline or cooperatively online.

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The games in Battlefront series usually revolve around 2 armies; Galactic Republic vs Confederacy of the Independent Systems or Galactic Empire vs Rebel Alliance, fighting one another on various maps. The maps usually take place in Star Wars galaxy with battle zones varying in size and theme. Across the game’s battlefield are a number of command posts (that is, objectives) which act as the spawn points and may be controlled by the computer or the player.

Star Wars Battlefront on Amazon
Star Wars Battlefront on Amazon

Units may spawn from any of the friendly command posts, and vehicles normally spawn at the respective command posts whenever they are destroyed. The units may capture hostile or neutral command posts by basically approaching them, and standing within immediate vicinity for say, about 30 seconds. Time to capture usually quickens if there are more friendly units in that capture zone.

Some of the vehicles may serve as mobile command posts and have to be destroyed since they can’t be captured. On certain maps (such as Endor or Hoth), certain structures can also serve as command post which can’t be captured. Command posts capturing may work differently on some campaign missions. Playable villains and heroes play quite a significant role when it comes to changing course of battle.




The objective of many of the matches is eliminating all the opponent’s reinforcement tickets and/or capture command points so as to gradually chip away at the opponent’s tickets. The reinforcement tickets are usually used whenever units are killed or when 1 faction controls majority of command posts that are on a map (usually when a losing faction has only 2 or 3).

It is only 1 objective that requires completion. When all the command posts get captured, the team which has no command post has 20 seconds to neutralize or recapture an enemy’s command post. In case the team can’t take over the post in that period of time, the game is over.

Some campaign levels and certain multiplayer games have requirements which differ from general game play, but the overall structure still stays the same. That being said, this brilliant game plays like somebody just threw a 1st-person camera in a Star Wars film battle. It’s full of excitement and lots of flash bang bombast, along with the chaotic, human focus which Star Wars needs. It’s quite frankly, a giddy, relentless and air punch generator. Furthermore, Luke Skywalker turns up.

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