The Return of the Super Mario Series: Super Mario Maker Review

Super Mario Maker on Amazon
Super Mario Maker on Amazon

A Nintendo Enterprises creation, Super Mario Maker, is set to be released in September this year for the Wii U gaming console. The game, which more or less a convergence of the previous Mario franchise, is going to feature the usual side-scroller platformer we’ve seen in the past Super Mario series. The only difference is that this time round, users can create and play their own levels. So, generally speaking, we’re looking at a ‘game creation’ video game which revolves around a multi-level editor.

Playing mode and gaming experience.

If you’ve tried your hand at some of the previous Mario generations, then this year’s genesis is likely to be a reminiscence of all the four of them wrapped up in one formidable level editor. Most of the visuals have been derived from all the four Marios: Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Brothers.

Once again, the idea here is that you can create your own levels (from the four series mentioned above) using the Wii U gamepad and stylus. You can then share these with your online buddies, and play theirs too. Now remember that the Super Mario Maker will be released exclusively for the Wii U video game consoles, so might want to get yourself one before 10th September 2015.

Elements of the game.

Super Mario Maker on Wikipedia
Super Mario Maker on Wikipedia

The game makes heavy use of gameplay mechanics, and a good knowledge of enemy behavior will be an added advantage. Since you will be creating games straight from the title, some creativity could also come in handy too. The game is also based on the same tile-like interface with a multitude of blocks, enemies, pipes and terrains to choose from.

So if you want your level to have a particular enemy, you could just drag it from the library and drop it in the interface. The visuals, which come preloaded in the traditional 8-bit Super Mario can be swapped any time for other modern or recent ones like the Super Mario Bros 3.

The best thing about the Super Mario Maker is that after creating your own intuitive game, you can test-run it simply by pressing play. At the same time, you can also fine tune it as move through the levels by switching between play and edit modes. For those of you who have some expertise and background in game coding, this game will make you feel like a very smart or gifted graphics engineer.

Each game and level created is given a unique code, and it’s by through sharing this code that others can get to play your game or level. Be cautioned, however, that the Japanese Nintendo have not released a statement detailing how level sharing is going to work. That said, we’re not exactly sure if they will allow players to directly search for user-generated content or create some sort of social community pool where one can pick someone’s game and try it out.

Wrapping it up.

The Super Mario Maker is definitely a genius game creation tool. And if you’ve enjoyed playing the previous versions of Super Mario, there’s finally a chance to create your personalised levels, play them and also challenge others to beat you at your own game. (literally!)

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