Game Review: Bloodborne!

Bloodborne on Wikipedia
Bloodborne on Wikipedia

Since its launch in 2013, one of the biggest criticisms that has been directed towards the Playstation 4 has been its lack of exclusive games. Initially, there was some truth behind this criticism. However, as the months have passed by, more and more high quality exclusives have been released onto the market including the eagerly awaited role-playing action game, Bloodborne. Bloodborne has been available to buy since March 2015 and has been the subject of much discussion within the gaming community. To find out how good this blockbuster PS4 exclusive is, read on below as we take a close look at each individual element of the game and how it all comes together.

A Challenging Masterpiece

A frustration of many veteran gamers is that most games in recent years are somewhat dumbed down, without enough challenges and variation to the gameplay. Bloodborne differs hugely by providing a gameplay experience that is highly challenging and, at times, downright difficult. Bloodborne is not the type of game where you effortless progress from one level to the next without ever dying or having to replay a section. The difficulty level may be somewhat surprising for gamers used to the seamless progression of most modern gaming titles. However, this style of gameplay is incredibly rewarding and makes you feel like you’ve genuinely achieved something worthwhile when you make it to the next stage of the game. The gameplay mechanics are reminiscent of the style of Dark Souls and Demon Souls, which has been met with much acclaim in since their releases.

Immense Graphical and Auditory Experience

Bloodborne achieves what Sony hoped each of the newly released PS4 exclusives would manage to by creating an overall experience of graphical excellence, sound quality and seamless fluidity, which could not possibly be recreated on a previous generation machine. It is truly stunning and almost needs to be seen to believed. It’s the combination of the little graphical details, such as the glistening of the water and the detailed textures of the environments, which allow yourself to completely immerse yourself in the world offered by Bloodborne. In the previous generations of consoles, there would be slight “breaks” in the experience that would break the immersion, such as framerate slowdown or glitches in textures. The development team of Bloodborne have harnessed the immense power of the Playstation 4 to make it utterly immersive in exactly the way all gamers want games to be!

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Solid Story That Complements Awesome Gameplay

Bloodborne on Amazon
Bloodborne on Amazon

The storyline is pretty good and doesn’t feel like it’s an afterthought as is the case with some action role playing games. Without wanting to give away too much of Bloodborne’s story, the gameplay takes place in the dark setting of a rundown Gotham City where you will have to take on a wide range of enemies as you attempt to stop a plague from taking over the city. It’s well told and unfolds at a good pace. The stunning environment and production values make the story feel real and allow you to throw yourself into the gaming experience for hours at an end, if you so wish.

A Game of Skill

To succeed in Bloodborne you will need to master combat skills. This is not a button basher and requires you to become deft with the PS4 controller to overcome the huge variety of enemies you will encounter. The timing of your attacks, the combinations you need to be able to successfully damage enemies and learning the weaknesses of different enemy types are all crucial skills you will need to work on to be able to make good progress. It might sound like it’s a more difficult game than most other titles out there at the moment. The truth is, it is! However, that’s what makes it such a worthwhile gaming experience!

Nice Online Mode

If you like to play online, then you’ll be pleased to know that this has been built into Bloodborne with the added benefit of certain online achievements being directly integrated into the single player campaign.

Pinnacle of Next Generation Gaming

Bloodborne is the type of game many of us dreamed of when the PS4 was first announced. It makes perfect use of the additional power available within the Playstation 4 to provide an outstanding next generation gameplay experience. It is not an easy game, but it is both rewarding and fun. If you don’t already own it, then you should go and get a copy now!

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