The Best Sports video games of 2015

Couple playing video gamesSports games have become increasingly popular among game enthusiasts from all parts of the world. They include all types of sports — football, basketball, tennis, baseball, golf, to mention a few. 2015 is filled with exciting titles, making it difficult to pick the best game that matches your taste and desire. In this article we will take a look at some of the best sports games that you don’t want to miss this year.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

As one of, if not the best sports video game ever created, Pro Evolution Soccer is high on this list and we have no doubt that it has also featured on many people’s lists. PES 2015 allows for a full control over the tactical parts of the game. The primary tactics creation screen allows for a finite control of gamer positioning. While FIFA attempted to get on this in their 2015 offering, PES simply did it amazingly better. This is because the positioning of the player changes with dynamism depending on where he/she is on the playing field.

NBA 2K15

Although this game has an asterisk next to its name owing to the extended server problems of last year, it is a game we can recommend. This year’s version features a number of gameplay improvements, including 5,000 new animations, shooting systems, all-new defensive AI, and new team-specific play sets making gamers feel engaged in all basketball decisions and actions. Just like in a real NBA match, Tim Duncan will hug and grip the ball prior to each game, Kobe will protest over unfair refereeing decisions and Dwayne Wade will perform pull-ups on the rim.

NHL 2015

This is a game that keeps getting better with every reveal, with the latest release serving to beef up the excitement even more. For the very first time in an NHL franchise, players will be put on a clock and feel the mounting pressure just like in an actual NHL game. As it is done at the NHL Entry Draft, players have less than five minutes to make the draft pick. If the pressure is far beyond the player’s ability to endure, he/she can call timeouts to extend the time they have to make a draft pick or simply negotiate a trade. No wonder it is one among the best selling video games of all time.

Desert golfing

Desert Golfing is one among the most intriguing video game of 2015, which is why it has gripped millions of smartphone owners. The game bears a strong resemblance to Atari game, just a two-tone background with the white dot for the ball and a yellow flag. Using the catapult-style aiming mechanism, the type you may recall from Angry Birds, you try to land the ball into the hole. While this game is thrilling, the emotional journey for its players is entirely complicated. The game never ends. When the ball rolls out towards the hole, you move on to the next, then the next.


FIFA 15 has gone above and beyond to deliver an unparalleled, authentic, and thrilling football experience to allow players play their way, and compete at high levels of the game. The emotion engine allows players to perform exceptionally on the pitch. Featuring hundreds of animations covering the scope of emotions, FIFA 15 wants a player to believe they are playing a real game. The stadiums vibrate with the vigor of hundreds of thousands of fans. That’s not all! The players can see the face of each player as they react to poor referring decisions, bad tackles, and wasted scoring opportunities.

MLB 14: The Show

Sportsfriends is a 4 part collection of local multiplayer indie games and comes with a many different ways to play. Each of the games is tied together by the notion that they could be considered actual sports. Sportsfriends presents these games on the menu as the timeline, positioning Super Pole Riders as 2014’s sport, BaraBariBall as the game from ancient history, Joust as the most up-to-date invention, and Hokra as a future invention. These games are minimalist in design, but offer lots of fun and intricate graphics of modern sports games to get the underlying base of athletic competition.

There you have it. The best sports games of 2015. These games have thrilled players with their highly enhanced audio and defined graphics and you will enjoy playing them too.

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